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New Homing Sensor and Encoder Releasing Soon

G’day! We’ve got 2 exciting new product releases for your MASSO

HOMING SENSOR: The all NEW water resistant homing sensor with an IP65 rating. This makes it safe to use with coolant splashing on the sensor while machining. The sensor now also supports wide operating voltages of 9 – 24v DC which means you don’t need to find another power supply just for the sensor, simply wire it with MASSO’s power supply.

The sensors comes with a 5 metre (16 ft) long high quality flex cable.For those not clear on IP ratings, below is a chart that explains in detail what this means.



OPTICAL ENCODER: The 2nd new product release is the contact less optical quadrature encoder. With no moving parts the encoder is super easy to install – there’s no need to hookup like an old-school encoder to belts and pulleys. And also like the homing sensor, the encoder also supports a wide working voltage of 9 – 24v DC.Also, below is an image demonstrating the usage of the optical encoder on a lathe for multi pass threading.

We hope that you’re excited about these newly released sensors. They will be available to purchase from 1st May 2019 from the MASSO Store. Also if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to go through the forums – our members are amazing!.

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