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Pioneering the PC-less controller for fast, reliable and powerful
CNC operation.

Our mission

MASSO’s mission is to create the highest quality, most reliable CNC controllers on the market, serving everyone from OEMs and large industrial manufacturers to DIY enthusiasts. We pioneered the “PC-less CNC controller” because we saw a need for a stable, fully-integrated controller — one powerful enough to meet the needs of OEMs and industrial users, but without all the headaches caused by PC-based systems.

Our story

The MASSO team of passionate makers and innovators is constantly striving to improve our products and services.

Our commitment to quality and continual improvement — in terms of product and customer care — has driven MASSO’s exponential growth.

After all, the goal to solve a problem and find a better solution was how it all started.

In 2000, our founder and CEO Jatinder Grewal needed a custom printed circuit board (PCB). The small machine he created using parts from old printers could make circuit boards in hours, at a fraction of the usual cost. This became the prototype for MASSO’s first product, which was soon being sold to local PCB manufacturers.

As we expanded our offerings, we became increasingly aware of the challenges facing the CNC industry. Tired of the issues caused by using PCs to control machines — the dependency of the system on a device plagued with crashes, driver issues and updates — we saw a better solution for CNC operation, that didn’t require a PC at all.

In 2006, we released the first generation MASSO controller: a one-of-a-kind CNC controller allowing users to run all machine operations directly, using the controller screen and keyboard, without a PC connection. Since then, we have continually improved and developed our products, making a mark on the world of CNC manufacturing.

MASSO won the Lenovo Choice Award at the University of Sydney’s Incubate program in 2017; was named a finalist by the Export Council of Australia in the 2019 Premier’s NSW Export Awards; and was a winner for Product Design at the 2021 Australian Good Design Awards.

Today, MASSO is an international name in CNC manufacturing, with distributors on four continents and customers in over 60 countries across North America, Europe and the APAC region. We’re grateful to our customers, distributors and partners for making this success possible. And we’re excited for what the future holds.

Awards and recognition

Our values

Every MASSO product is created with reliability in mind. We continue to lead the way in fast, stable CNC controllers you can trust. We are also committed to providing reliable customer support for everyone from the biggest OEMs to casual hobbyist makers.

MASSO will always be a company of makers, for makers, driven to help people create by offering the most dependable CNC controllers around. We are proud to provide a meeting point for MASSO users and the CNC community. Above all else, we value the feedback of our users and continue to innovate and expand our offerings to provide what our customers want.

Through customer support, the MASSO community forums and our knowledge base, we prioritise the ongoing success of our customers and partners. We strive to educate hobbyists and aspiring makers to create, fostering innovation and providing opportunities for growth wherever we can.

Trusted by Machine Manufactures

What the OEMs say

Why do we love MASSO? Simply, they add immense value to our machines and machine customers. MASSO controllers are fast and reliable, simple to set up and use, and have fantastic documentation and support. As a result, our own support workload is significantly reduced. What else could we ask for?

Ben Harper, CEO, 3DTEK

What the OEMs say

What to say about the Masso? 100% satisfaction. From my personal use to supplying customers. Be it DIY projects or commercial upgrades, I have only great feedback from the people who use them. They’re simple to operate. There is great communication with the Masso team and their support, rarely used, are quick and efficient. Their products integrate perfectly with most products and if not the Masso team will go out of their way to accommodate the most challenging of scenarios. Love the Masso….Let’s Build It

Stratos Konstas, CEO, DIY Geek

What the OEMs say

Choosing MASSO's hardware and software platform was and still is one of the best choices we made as a business. The All-In-One MASSO design eliminated our constant headache with the known PC/Windows problems the plagues most motion control software's out there. Our support calls & E-mails from clients are down by 72% and our clients and customers are all happy with the easy of use, clean UI, speed, increase in productivity & production, and how stable MASSO control system has been since we switched them. We also love the swift and amazing tech support provided by the MASSO support team. Its great product which is constantly improving, and with great support.

Samuel Larmie, CEO, VHERSACNC

What the OEMs say

Masso is our most important complement in this journey we embarked on to make production possible everywhere.

Volkan, CEO, REVO

What the OEMs say

Switching to MASSO has benefited our company and clients greatly. We love using the controller and most importantly appreciate the team along with simplicity and reliability in the design.

Tom Baczynski, CEO, CANCAM

What the OEMs say

We contacted MASSO in 2019 to see if their MASSO controller would be a good fit for our line of table top CNC lathes and mills. Prior to that we were selling our PC-based Linux system. At that time MASSO was selling their G2 board. From the very first contact with MASSO we felt very good about their product and their service. MASSO has worked with us to fill all of our needs. They have done custom software changes so their control would be capable of running our existing motor speed control. They also designed their optical encoder specifically to work with our machines. The optical encoder was designed to fit the limited space constraints of our machine, and it made single point threading affordable and precise. MASSO has worked diligently to find solutions to any and all of our needs and requirements. Their client and customer service has been great. We would highly recommend MASSO to anyone who is looking for a quality control for their CNC machines.

Karl Rohlin, VP of Manufacturing, SHERLINE


Lightning-fast start-up

Start machining in no time — MASSO is lightning fast with less than 10 seconds start-up time. Resume jobs quickly after power failures.

Do more with less

Run MASSO without the need for motion cards or drivers, UPS, PLC or cooling fans. With MASSO, all you need is your stepper or servo motors, motor drivers, keyboard, mouse and a VGA monitor.

Unmatched stability

Forget the headaches of PC-based controllers and discover software engineered for stability and performance and hardware built for precision and durability.

Personalized support

Our service matches the quality of our products — experience the benefits of personalized support and a helpful community of users.

Bespoke MASSO Solutions

Talk to us about how MASSO can help you deliver the reliability that your customers expect and the quality that you demand.