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At MASSO, our customer service matches the quality of our products. We strive to provide prompt, effective CNC support for MASSO users all over the world.

We’re here to help

Building and operating a CNC machine requires having prior knowledge of electronics, mechanical systems and CAM/CAD software. If you’re new to building CNC machines, we recommend checking out the MASSO forums, where there are plenty of machine builders/users offering great advice.

In order for us to provide timely and effective CNC support for all MASSO users, please see our knowledge base of guiding documents, video tutorials on YouTube and the MASSO forums for answers to general CNC machining questions.

What we can support

• Request MASSO software
• Bug reports
• Feature requests
• OEM/machine manufacturers
• Sales and ordering
• Request to add/edit documentation
• Request to add/edit video tutorials

What we can’t support

• Selecting or wiring motors and drives — See MASSO Forums/Documentation
• How to use CAD/CAM software — See Google/YouTube
• How to design/machine parts — See MASSO Forums
• Educating about electronics and wiring — See Google/YouTube/MASSO Forums
• Retrofitting MASSO to a particular machine — See MASSO Forums
• Setting up and Programming Axis and Spindle Drives (VFD) — See MASSO Forums/Documentation
• Creating/adding features to CAM post-processors — Check with your CAM software provider

Trending Questions (FAQs)

What is MASSO?

MASSO is an embedded 5-axis CNC controller. It is a stand-alone (offline) controller with built-in processor, motion controller, spindle control, WiFi, and I/O interfaces. MASSO comes with software to run Mill/Router, Plasma and Lathe machines.

Where can I download MASSO controller software?

When you purchase your MASSO controller, an account for MASSO myWorkshop is created for you to manage controllers and software. If the unit was purchased through a machine manufacturer or a distributor then your myWorkshop account will be created by them. If for some reason you haven’t received the myWorkshop details, email support with your MASSO serial number and email address. We will send you login details of your myWorkshop account where you can download your software. All current software and future software updates are available in myWorkshop.

See how to use myWorkshop here

I ordered Mill instead of Plasma, can I change my order?

All MASSO units use the same hardware. When you register your MASSO you will receive Mill, Plasma and Lathe software and can load whichever one you want at any time.

What equipment do I need to convert my CNC machine?

To establish your requirements, you need to do an inventory of what your machine currently has that you can reuse and what you would like to add.

Example of basic mill requirements:

  • MASSO, keyboard, monitor and mouse or a MASSO Touch
  • USB flash drive
  • Power supply for MASSO
  • Motor drives using STEP/PULSE and DIRECTION signalling
  • Power supply for motor drives
  • Spindle with VFD or router
  • Homing sensors/switches, one for each axis
  • Tool setter for auto tool zero
  • Encoder, required for lathe when threading


  • MASSO relay board used for external E-stop to motor drives, tower lights, etc
  • Pendant
  • Encoder for spindle

How do I connect my Spindle?

It is not possible to provide wiring diagrams for every VFD or provide advice on how to configure specific VFDs. Please consult your VFD manual and VFD supplier for configuration settings.
Our documentation provides examples of some common VFDs and we have produced a step-by-step video explaining how to connect a VFD to MASSO.

MASSO Knowledgebase

Whether you’re new to CNC programming and machining, new to MASSO, or just looking to get the most out of your MASSO controller, our knowledge base has you covered.

Access a wealth of documentation covering installation, setup, programming and machining with MASSO controllers. No matter where you are on your CNC journey, our guides and tutorials can help.

Get involved with the CNC community of MASSO users and machine builders in our forums. If you’re looking for inspiration or have questions for other CNC users, this is the place for learning about retrofitting, building, machining and more.

For MASSO video tutorials and client stories, head to the MASSO YouTube channel. We also recommend checking out the channel of passionate MASSO user and YouTuber Peter Passuello.


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