MASSO’s mission is to create the highest quality, most reliable CNC controllers on the market, serving everyone from OEMs and large industrial manufacturers to DIY enthusiasts.

We pioneered the “PC-less CNC controller” because we saw a need for a stable, fully-integrated controller—one powerful enough to meet the needs of OEMs and industrial users, but without all the headaches caused by PC-based systems.


At MASSO, our leadership team is made up of passionate makers and innovators. This shows up in everything we do, and is the reason we’re constantly striving to improve our products and services.

We believe that our commitment to quality and continual improvement—both in terms of product as well as customer care—is what has driven MASSO’s exponential growth.



Our story began in 2000…with a problem. Our founder and CEO, Jatinder Grewal, needed a custom printed circuit board (PCB) for a project. But trying to get custom PCBs in small quantities was very costly and time consuming in those days.

What happened next set the tone for our company: By using parts from old printers, Jatinder made a small plotter-like CNC machine that could make PCB tracks and drill holes: a humble but serviceable model based on Windows and the Intel 8051 microcontroller. The small machine could make circuit boards in hours and at a fraction of the cost. It worked so well that another version of the design was soon being sold to local PCB manufacturers for making single-sided circuit boards.

By 2004, we expanded our controller offerings, releasing versions for milling machines and routers. But in the midst of these early successes, we also started to become aware of the challenges facing the CNC industry. And the more we saw of the issues caused by trying to use PCs to control machines, the dependency of the entire system on a control device plagued with crashes, driver issues and windows updates, the more convinced we became that there had to be a better solution: a solution that did not require a PC at all.

MASSO G1 Released

In 2006, we shared that solution with the world, releasing the first generation MASSO controller — a one-of-a-kind, PC-independent CNC controller which allowed users to run all machine operations directly, using the controller screen and keyboard, without requiring a PC connection. 

We quickly began developing advanced features and options for the MASSO G1, as well as dedicated versions for controlling more machines such as lathe and plasma machines.

MASSO G2 Released

In 2014, we released our second generation MASSO controller. The G2 controller featured a number of performance enhancements, including more sensors and superior axis control. Since our controllers already had a strong user base, we were also able to incorporate customer feedback into our newest MASSO.

This allowed us to make practical UX improvements like WiFi connectivity as well as mouse and touch screen support. The MASSO G2 was clearly ready for a larger stage, and so we started marketing and selling the controller internationally, setting up a global network of distributors to make this possible.

Receiving Accolades

By 2017, MASSO had made a name for itself in the world of CNC manufacturing, both inside as well as outside of Australia.

Our company was recognized as one of the most innovative and fastest growing startups in Australia, winning the Lenovo Choice Award at the University of Sydney’s Incubate program in 2017.

We were also featured by major media outlets like the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), and internationally known business publications like SmartCompany.

Partnership with Sherline Products USA

By 2018, we’d started to attract the attention of top OEMs like Sherline. Sherline had manufactured CNC machines with PC-based controllers in the past, and were well aware of the weaknesses of these systems.

When they learned of our PC-less CNC controller, they partnered with us to create products which met their own high standards for quality and reliability.

We crafted a completely customized controller package for Sherline’s CNC machines, including specialized sensors and purpose-built software. Today Sherline sells a new line of ready-to-use CNC machines…each one with a MASSO inside.

MASSO G3 Released

2019 was another banner year for MASSO, as we released our third generation controller: The most powerful, reliable, and stable MASSO yet. In addition to this, we received further accolades from the business community when the Export Council of Australia named MASSO a finalist in the 2019 Premier’s NSW Export Awards. This award recognized MASSO for excellence as an international exporter—and for its role in opening international markets to other NSW companies. We were honoured by the recognition, and pleased to have an official confirmation of something our customers had known for years: MASSO is a truly world-class product.


In just a few years, MASSO has expanded from its roots as a homegrown Australian startup to an international presence in the world of CNC manufacturing, with distributors on four continents and customers in over 60 countries across North America, the EU, and the APAC region. We’re grateful to our customers, distributors, and partners for making this success possible. And we’re excited for all that the future holds. Because at MASSO, we never stop innovating…and our story is just beginning.


MASSO isn’t just gaining market share and getting good press—we’re also continuing to innovate and to expand our offerings. We’re now on the second generation of our flagship CNC controllers, and are looking to release as many as five new products in the near future.

Our community of MASSO users is growing as well. Last year, we opened an online forum for makers who work with MASSO to share their ideas and talk shop—and we’re thrilled to say that our forums now have hundreds of regular users (and hundreds of thousands of page views).

In the years to come, we plan to continue innovating and expanding.

But no matter how big we get, MASSO will always be a company of makers and for makers, driven to help people create by offering the most dependable CNC controllers around.