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MASSO G3 – v5.03 Release Notes

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IMPORTANT! – Please read the below release notes first.

IMPORTANT! – Take screenshots of your current controller settings including all setup and calibration data including input and output function assignments and invert status as after loading this software your controller might reset to default settings or controller settings might change.

IMPORTANT: The below steps need to be followed if updating your controller from any other software version apart from version 5.0 ot 5.01:

  • After loading this software version, all tools data in the F4 screen will be erased and the user must manually add all tools data in F4 screen before using the machine.
  • This version has new tool changer logic for mill linear tool changer which requires all the inputs and outputs to be reassigned and calibration data entered into the tool changer settings in the F1 screen before using the machine.






  • Spindle and Coolant auto stop/start on feedhold – The user can now set in the F1-Setup, Main Spindle settings if an automatic spindle and coolant off and resume is required. Once enabled the spindle and coolant will automatically swith off if feedhold is pressed during machining. The spindle and coolant will automatically start after pressing cycle start button.
  • Jump To Line message – New message added when resume job using jump to line making it easier for the user to understand the steps required to resume machining.





  • Sub program files – Now the sub program files need to be stored in the same folder as the main program, making it easy to organise sub program files.
  • Air pressure alarm – Bug fixed which prevented the low air pressure alarm to be displayed on system power up.
  • Machine JOG to 1% feedrate on power up – As per user feedback, the machine JOG feedrate is set to 1% to prevent accidently crashing axis when jogging very high feedrate machines, before homing is performed.
  • Auto Tool Zero – Issue fixed that resulted in position error when doing auto tool zero.
  • A and B axis offset bug – Bug fixed where A and B axis offet were not working correctly.
  • Motor Alarm – Logic has been updated to clear motor alarms message on the screen when E-Stop is pressed.
  • MPG Motion improvement – MPG handwheel motion logic has been improved to provide smoother motion.
  • Plasma Torch Auto voltage – Logic improvement for automatically sample and detect cutting voltage at start of cut.
  • Lathe Emco tool turret – Logic added to improve turret homing.
  • Jump To Line – Bug fixed to resume coolant control.
  • WaterJet Jump To Line – Logic improved for cut resume.
  • GCode File Editor – Find and replace bug fixes.
  • Door Logic Update – Improvements to door open and close logic with improvements to auto start and stop logic.