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MASSO G3 – v5.100b (BETA) Release Notes

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Unstable BETA with new features


It is important to note that unlike our previous beta version 5.04b which is a bug-fix version, this beta release is the first in a series dedicated to adding new features to MASSO G3 Controllers. New features will be added in phases and your feedback will be used to improve the features and fix any bugs that are found as development proceeds. This version is not intended for day to day use but is for the testing and improvement of new features

IMPORTANT! – Sherline clients with PID spindle control do not use this version.

IMPORTANT! –This is an unstable BETA release only for users who want to try the new features, this version is not stable and should not be used for production machines, use at your own risk only.

This is Phase 1 feature release with additional features to be added to this beta release in Phase 2, 3, etc. so if a feature you are looking for is not included please wait for the next Phase release.


IMPORTANT! – Please read these release notes before updating.

IMPORTANT! – Before updating make a backup of your current settings.

IMPORTANT! – Before updating  save a copy of your printable file and use it to check your settings after the update is complete.

Take screenshots of your current controller settings including all setup and calibration data including input and output function assignments and invert status as after loading this software your controller might reset to default settings or controller settings might change.
Print out a copy of your printable settings file and use it to check all settings as there will be changes when loading this Beta version.

For information on how to backup, take screen prints, and make a printable setting file please see: Save & load settings

IMPORTANT! – Take screenshots of your current controller settings including all setup and calibration data including input and output function assignments and invert status as after loading this software your controller might reset to default settings or controller settings might change.

Rolling Back – To roll back to your previous version you will need to load the backup you saved before installing the beta version as it will erase the settings when you revert back.

IMPORTANT: Some tool changers do not work at this stage as the new logic is being added for these in Phase 2.

IMPORTANT: This version has new tool changer logic for the mill linear tool changer which requires all the inputs and outputs to be reassigned and calibration data entered into the tool changer settings in the F1 screen before using the machine. Please check the new tool change logic in the MASSO Documentation and reconfigure your settings as required.


Reporting Software Bugs

If you find a bug in this Beta software version or have a suggestion for an improvement to one of the new features please start a new topic on the v5.100b section in MASSO Labs.

MASSO LABS v5.100b



  • Cutter Compensation for Z Wear – fine adjustment of tool length can be made using the Z Wear in the F4 tool table. Z-Wear


  • A & B axis slaving options –
    • The A & B axis can now be slaved to either the X or Y axis. They are no longer restricted to one axis where the A axis only slaved to the X and the B axis slaved only to the Y.
    • Note – In this version the A & B axis are disabled and can only be used in a slaved configuration. Full use of the A & B axis will be restored as development continues.

  • Multi User Accounts –
    • MASSO now supports up to four user accounts on each controller, this allows for operators in different environments to limit machine changes and access. This feature is especially useful in situations where multiple machine operators need to be given different machine control access and educational institutions.



  • User Control Rights –
    • Each user can now have its own settings and access profile, machine max feed rates, tool changer disable, screen function disable profile 




  • Extended Work Offsets – MASSO now supports an additional 100 work offsets using G54.1 P1 to G54.1 P100
    New parameters have been added to the G10 Gcode to allow users to set their offsets from their Gcode programs.
    G10 – Set Work Offset Values


  • High-Speed Tool Changer – Support for High-Speed Tool changer has been added.
    High Speed Tool Changer
  • Flexible Axis Slaving – Both the X and Y axis can now be slaved to either the A or B axis.
  • C Axis Support added – The A or B axis can now be changed to C axis.


  • Easy Cursor Scroll – Holding the touch screen keyboard space key now allows the user to easily position the cursor for easy editing. Hold your finger on the spacebar and it will change to cursor scroll mode. Then slide your finger in the direction you wish the cursor to move. Removing your finger from the screen restores the keyboard to normal.
  • M6.1 Tool Unload Command – New Gcode M6.1 support has been added so that the user can unload a tool on some automatic tool changers. This is currently available in Linear tool changer logic at this time but will be added to the other tool changer as development continues.
    M6.1 – Tool Unload

  • Manual Tool Change Option in Tool changer – New tool change logic allows the user to specify if a tool is to be changed using the tool changer or if a tool is to be manually changed. This is useful for tools that are too big to fit in your tool changer.

  • New Linear Tool Changer Support – Support for more types of linear tool changers has been added.

  • Feed override up to 150% – Now the users can adjust feed override in real-time up to 150%.
  • New Dust Hood Control – New Dust Hood logic automatically lowers the dust hood on M3 and moves up on M5 commands, the dust hood can also be disabled from the MDI window.




  • GCode Display Improvements – The gcode window now shows the line being executed in the middle of the window so that the user can easily see the next line to be executed. Further, any size of Gcode file lines can now be displayed in the Gcode window during machining.
  • Spindle Info – The on-screen spindle display now displays spin-up and spindle-down status. When the controller is set to multi-head mode, both the main spindle tool and the current head info are displayed.

Thank you for being a Beta Tester